What an Amusing Caricature

John. NYC. 24. I've never been able to completely trust mirrors. It's logically valid to believe that one day your evil twin will take advantage of your trust in reality. As a precaution, I punch every mirror I see. For now, I am safe.

If you are now reading this, I sincerely commend you for getting through that paragraph of crazy. This blog is mainly comprised of things that pique my fancy: comics, lit, crafty things, news/societal commentary, future plans and using fancy in the manner I used 17 words ago (I counted).



sometimes I think about my own character development

#it’s shit someone should fire my writers

But hey, think about how all those years would look in a cliche flashback montage set to Eye of the Tiger?

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"No, YOU don’t get it.
Work later. PLAY NOW.”
Cat-sitting is terrifying


It’s my birthday, Tumblr. That cake you made best be chocolate.


I got brownies. Will that do?

Oh, and happy birthday!

New look goals for 2014 : Steve Martin circa 1969

Blessed be the sweet of the heavens.

You guys don’t get how much I love and miss these treats.

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Every time Tenzin tells Korra that the Air Nomads can take care of things while she’s recovering, Korra is just reminded of what Zaheer told her, that the world doesn’t need her anymore.

- flameoflamehead

The final scene of that finale, man. 

Still haunts me. 

So much told in a close-up and a few tears. 

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You know what the hardest thing about being interviewed by kids media companies is? 

What to wear to the actual interview. 

It can literally range from suit and tie and morning shave to long hair and a TMNT t-shirt. 

I’ve considered/worn both. 

Oh, and knowing the studio. That helps too. 

So guess who has a coffee date in 10 mins and the F train has not arrived at his station yet?

This guy.

The F train. Certainly living up to its name.